Hello! வணக்கம்! Namaste!

Hello! or as they say in my language Tamil, வணக்கம்!(Vanakkam!)


My name is Sreenidhi Vedartham Narayanan. But in the US, I call myself Needy (Needhi)! I am an International student, studying MS in Electrical Engineering at UT Tyler. Sounds  smart huh? Yeah, I’m kinda smart.The above picture is my first day in the University and I’m trying to give a Kamehameha (Goku) pose. So, I am kinda weird too!

There are 2 MAIN reasons I decided to start a blog.

  1. To share my story to the International students such as myself.
  2. To piss off my dad for wasting time on the internet instead of studying for my Masters (according to him).

As soon as I started school in Texas, I’ve come to realize that life in the USA is so different from the one I had in India. I have had so many crazy experiences in America and most of them are because I forget that American words and slang are so different from what I am used to. I’ve also made many mistakes while shopping and packing possessions to carry with me. I admit when it comes to getting advice, I did not go to anyone because I was foolish and made some really bad monetary judgements. That is why I decided to share my stories with the hope that other students who come here don’t make the same mistakes I did. If I can help some of the International students with their questions and doubts, it would be my biggest reward. And if I could make someone smile at my adventures, that’ll be the biggest reward.


So, Welcome to Being Needy in the USA!


10 thoughts on “Hello! வணக்கம்! Namaste!

  1. James Hescock says:

    Needy, would you like to write an article for my new website? Maybe we could we brainstorm on an idea I have and see if you’d be interested? Email me at jhescock@patriots and I’d love to talk! Thanks!


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