5 Important Things to do After You Reach U.S!

I know many of you might be wondering what to do, what is the next step in your new journey?! What are the important things you should take care of after you reach the USA? I know when I came to the US, I was completely clueless! If I did not have seniors guiding me , I would have been lost.

The 5 things below are the most important things to do after you reach the USA.

  • phone stock.jpgBuy a Phone- Get a good phone with a reliable company in order to have a point of connection to everyone in the USA and back in your country. You can select any phone you want, provided they provide you good service for a reasonable price.
  • Rent an Apartment- Some of you might have contacted the student associations back in your universities, to provide you a ride and a temporary accommodation till you find your own roommates, or rent your room. So, RENTING YOUR ROOM is the next step as it is crucial for the next three in the list. apartmentYour name on the LEASE will help you in the long run. Make sure you research the apartments before going there. You DO NOT WANT TO BE STUCK IN A BUG-INFESTED APARTMENT! Please do not consider the cheap rent and forgo your comfort. You need a place to call home, where you can relax, study and sleep. Not a bug infestation for you to wage war on every week to kill them!
  • Open a Bank Account: When you come, you come with travelstock-bank-adobe cheques and plenty of cash. As soon as you get your I-20 document signed by your international advisor, go and open a bank account. Carry your Passport, I-20 with you. In some banks, it is very easy to get a student account and once you deposit your money, you’ll also feel relieved. Please carry your passport every time to the bank. You need it for opening or any changes you make to the account. They wont just accept your state id unless its a regular deposit or withdrawal.
  • Social Security numberssnIn the United States, a Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents provided by the Social Security Administration office. If you are able to find an On-Campus employment, you’ll be eligible to apply for a SSN. This is what the application looks like!

I will write a separate blog post on each of these and elaborate on the how-to’s and provide helpful links to it!

As always, Happy to be of help!

Yours helpfully,

Needy Vedartham


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