How Important is Networking for Students?

When you come to The United States, you don’t just bring yourself but also your dreams, aspirations and goals! You have “The Game Plan.” How you are going to study, get a 4.0 GPA, Party hard and get a job right out of college! It is a simple plan and you hope it works!

But Alas! You start your semester and you find its not that easy. Maintaining social life and academics in college is not that easy. But in the end, We all figure out a schedule and prioritize! What does networking have to do with any of this?

What Is Networking?

Networking is an activity where a group of like minded individuals come together for a purpose. It can be with someone who share your interests, potential boss or experts with knowledge of opportunities in your field.


We network every day. With our friends, family, professors or the bus driver who takes you around. We talk and share information, build relationships, short or long term, because as human beings we all crave company. We network to build connections and friendships. And it helps you a lot. It helps us identify potential candidates who can assist you in future when you need something, Be it personal, like a ride to another city or professions, like a potential job opportunity in their company.


When international students come to study abroad, they are sincere in their academics and their social life. But most people forget that networking is also important. Networking goes a long way in helping you secure an employment, travel or even meet your potential business partner for your business. There are so many mobile apps that facilitate meetups in your area of interest these days, like MeetUp, EventBrite etc. All you have to do is Sign up and search your area based on who you want to hang out with. It can be an Entrepreneurship group or a photography group or even a comic book group. The important part is the networking!

In Tyler, Using similar methods, I involved myself in three major groups, Tyler Web Dev– for software professional and enthusiasts, Embark Women, a women in business organization and Tyler 4 Tech, which is a group of IT companies facilitating growth and networking through gainful employment.

I am saying this out of personal experience, the amount of networking I have done and the wealth of knowledge I have received is far more that what you can gain from university. It taught me confidence to start a conversation, make friends, and volunteer to put myself out there as a job-seeker. People are noticing my work ethics and are thinking of me when they hear of a job opening. I have been fortunate enough to make good contacts from some amazing people I’ve met.


Le me at an Embark Women meeting!!!!!

As a student and a job-seeker, I urge each and everyone of you to make use of all the resources that are offered to you. And networking groups are the fastest way to make friends and experience and who knows? Maybe someone who comes to these meetings are looking for an potential employee to hire! You may never know until you participate!!


Yours helpfully,

Needy Vedartham 🙂






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